Uniting Individuals, Families, & Businesses

With Their Financial Assets


Uniting Individuals, Families, & Businesses

With Their Financial Assets

Specialized Asset Investigations & Recovery Worldwide

Experience You Can Trust

THE PARRIS GROUP'S reputation and history are built on locating the unknown financial assets by networking with many industries, corporations, and government agencies across the United States. We pride ourselves in bringing this information to individuals, families, and businesses unaware of the information our progressive auditing process uncovers.

Once known, we successfully collect the assets without any risk on behalf of our clients. We provide all location and recovery services within our firm, ensuring each case is completed efficiently, effectively, and thoroughly so that no detail is overlooked and the assets are delivered wholly to the client, guaranteed.

Accelerated Growth

Our firm is young and viable and has grown each year since opening its doors in 2013. The professional staff responsible for our continuing accelerated growth is the competent and highly educated licensed attorneys, paralegals, genealogists, and private investigators that share the goal of providing all clients with only superior and preeminent information and services.

THE PARRIS GROUP vs. Attorney: How to Determine Who Will Protect Your Financial Assets.


THE PARRIS GROUP is leading the way in global asset investigations. With ever-changing laws, you need someone on your side that has the knowledge and skills to accomplish the unthinkable.

We are consistently learning and putting to task new advances in technology, and widening our private investigation knowledge to implement cutting-edge strategies in our asset investigations, guaranteeing a 100% success rate in our recovery process.

The Parris Group

Our Tools

Our access to tools and unlimited information, made available only to licensed private investigators, is thorough and up-to-date with the latest information. We are thereby guaranteeing that our clients receive the best information, no matter their criteria or need.

Laws are established to protect people and their property. Should these laws change or be revised in any way, you can be assured that our competent attorneys are aware of these changes ensuring that all clients are fully represented with proficiency and expertise.


THE PARRIS GROUP believes in diversity serving a wide range of clientele, both individuals and businesses located domestically and internationally. We also believe in providing a host of other investigative services allowing our firm to be creative and unlimited, ensuring that our business never becomes stagnant in exceeding our mission and business goals. Go to the “Other Investigative Services” page of our website to learn more.

Every client relationship is valued greatly, and each engagement benefits from our expertise. All investigations we are privileged to become a part of reflects our integrity and the essence of our business — to unite our clients with the financial assets they legally own.

The successful research and recovery of each case, no matter where the legal owner(s) are located, solidifies THE PARRIS GROUP'S loyalty and persistence to track down all legal owners. We don't let distance or cultural differences get in the way of our mission; it is a true privilege to serve every individual and business.

Comprehensive Asset Investigations & Recovery You Can Trust

Our team has a well-deserved reputation of professional excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective asset investigation and recovery solutions to individuals and businesses.

01 Our Expertise

Often, more than one area of expertise is required in financial asset investigations. The same is true for the recovery process. THE PARRIS GROUP  is a full-service firm offering practical and top-notch professional support and knowledge that ensures your assets will be protected and delivered to you in an efficient and timely manner. We guarantee only positive results through our auditing process, research, and collection services.

Should you be contacted by THE PARRIS GROUP, by letter and telephone, you can be assured that the information we provide to you is accurate and confirmed by the holder of your asset.

02 Our Focus

Financial Asset Investigation and Recovery is the main focus of THE PARRIS GROUP. Our expertise and proficiency allow our clients to go on about their busy lives as usual and without interruption. The collection process can be time-consuming, tedious, frustrating, and costly for any individual to collect from the entity holding your financial asset.

Our professionals take on all the stress and costs required to unite you with your assets and includes any and all risk. If, for some extraordinary reason, we are unable to collect your property, you owe us nothing. Our firm works on a contingency basis, and if we don't deliver what our auditing process finds, you don't pay us a dime.

03 Our Network

Our firm consists of a network of only successful and skilled, trained, and highly-educated professionals, including attorneys, private investigators, account recovery professionals, translators, and genealogical experts located nationally and internationally.

Our professionals are registered and licensed with the required Federal and State agencies and are required to maintain annual education standards in compliance laws within their profession. Knowledge is growth, and there is no room in our firm for any lack thereof.

04 Serving Others

THE PARRIS GROUP was established in April 2013 for the sole purpose of serving others. We are not a collection agency, and we are not a sales company. We audit financial records of government agencies, corporations, and many industries across the United States that hold individuals and businesses assets. After confirming how and why the assets are being held, our team of professionals must find the assets' legal owner(s), make contact, and offer our services to unite the assets with the owner(s).

05 Competitive Fees

Our services are meant to be affordable to every individual and business, and our fee is competitive with any other comparable firm. We invite anyone who can provide a more affordable service that includes the range and skill of in-depth and quality service to challenge us. If you have been given a better quote for the same services, THE PARRIS GROUP will match or beat that quote.

Since its inception in 2013, THE PARRIS GROUP has united our clients with over a million dollars in property. We take our responsibilities and our mission very seriously to recover your financial assets and consistently prove that you and your assets are in good hands from our first contact to your property's delivery.

06 Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver at least a million dollars in financial assets to individuals and businesses each year. If you have received a telephone call and written correspondence from THE PARRIS GROUP, we hope you will allow us this privilege and choose to be a part of our mission uniting owners with their property!

Client Reviews & Testimonies

Here are just a few of some of our former clients’ reviews and testimonies regarding the services of THE PARRIS GROUP. If you wish to speak with them personally, please contact us at [email protected], and we will provide you with their contact information.