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Hello, Welcome to THE PARRIS GROUP.

I hope that the information about my firm and the services we provide in Asset Investigation and Recovery has been insightful and informative.

I believe that before anyone can decide to allow a stranger to provide a service to you, a service that involves your property, specifically your financial asset, you must first learn about the person and the business that they are involved in to ensure the safe-keeping of your property, someone who is honest and whose values are reflected in their business activities, someone who will have your best interest in mind, and someone who will deliver on every promise made to you, both verbally and written. To make your decision, you must first learn about me and my mission.

Uniting Individuals, Families & Businesses With Their Financial Assets

Our Mission

The Parris Group
01. Experience You Can Trust

THE PARRIS GROUP guarantees effective and knowledgeable representation for individuals and business owners. Our reputation and history of success in Asset Investigations and collection of our client’s financial assets speak for itself. There is no substitute for being the best and most efficient in this new area of investigation

02. Dedicated, Professional, and Loyal Staff Working for You

The complex, important, and often ground-breaking business matters on which we work can attract the best and brightest attorneys, private investigators, genealogists, and other necessary professionals worldwide. And we've been lucky enough to hire and collaborate with the best of the best in asset investigations and business law.

03. Respectful and Caring

Whether it's your business, you as an individual, or a family in need of recovering financial assets that are known or unknown, you can rest assured that we are here to assist. We’re committed to providing you with top-notch legal support, licensed investigative strategies and networking knowledge.

04. No-Risk Guarantee

Prior to The Parris Group contacting any potential client, we have confirmed your asset with the holding corporation. If for some extraordinary reason The Parris Group cannot deliver your asset to you, you owe us NOTHING. The Parris Group takes on all risk and liability shielding our clients from any losses. If you don’t get paid, The Parris Group does not get paid. You quite literally have NOTHING to lose.

05. Fee Agreement

Limited Power of Attorney

The services The Parris Group provides to successfully collect and deliver assets to our clients are clearly outlined in our Service and Fee Agreement. Each client is also required to complete and sign a Limited Power of Attorney that gives The Parris Group your permission to collect your asset on your behalf. The Limited Power of Attorney is for the collection of only the asset outlined in the Service and Fee Agreement. Both documents require a notarized signature.

The Parris Group encourages all clients to have their attorney review the Service and Fee Agreement and the Limited Power of Attorney to confirm that you are protected through this process.

06. Recovery Fee

The fee for The Parris Group’s services is outlined in the Service and Fee Agreement (see No. 5 above for more information). Our fee pays for all fees and costs to successfully collect and deliver your asset to you and includes claim fees, attorney’s fees, overnight fees, professional services as needed (genealogist, legal staff) along with all costs associated with the successful acceptance and release of your claim. The Parris Group’s fee also provides reimbursement for any fees or costs paid out of pocket by our clients (postage, notary fees, copies, etc.).

The Where, What, and How Of Financial Assets

When THE PARRIS GROUP confirms an asset is being held by an entity through our extensive auditing process, we perform due diligence in finding the legal and correct owner(s) of the asset. In some cases, we must build a family tree and track through generations of family members to find any living relatives. Each state’s statutes are different in the handling and collection of an asset. In most cases, the asset is being held due to the inability to locate and confirm the assets' legal owner(s).

Through establishing and building long-term professional relationships with the major industries across the United States, THE PARRIS GROUP has the upper edge of networking with many divisions of each industry. With the advantage of accessing many other tools available only to the licensed Private Investigation field in the securities industry, THE PARRIS GROUP has many advantages over other firms in that we bring integrity, safety, and a reputation of honesty to all clients and allies we work with.

An entity may hold your assets in any one of these industries:

  • Healthcare

  • Utilities

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Telecommunications

  • Retail

All industries holding financial assets have state statutes and federal compliance laws they must follow while handling them. The laws dictate what happens to the asset if the legal owner(s) is not found within a certain dormancy period. When the dormancy period has passed, the asset may then be forwarded to the state or possibly a federal agency, depending on the type of assets and the location that the holder is located.

The state then uses your money to invest and collects the interest. Should you be blessed to find the asset , you will have to work through a myriad of paperwork loopholes to prove your asset ownership thoroughly. And guess what? The state keeps the interest on the investment of your money! Suppose you have relocated out of the state where the asset lies, or the asset belonged to an ancestor. In that case, your chances of being united with your legally owned asset are very small. Please realize that the legal owners actually receive 20% of the asset.

THE PARRIS GROUP works proactively to track down the asset's legal owner(s) during this dormant period to ensure that no one receives the financial assets except the legal owner(s).

Whether you or a family member is contacted by THE PARRIS GROUP or by someone else, please be alert and do your due diligence before signing any document. We highly recommend hiring an attorney to review the documents since legal documents can be hard to understand, especially to someone who is not educated or knowledgeable in the legal field. If you cannot afford to hire an attorney, you can seek information about the person or company who has made contact by engaging in an internet research. "Google" is a reliable search engine that can assist you and take you down many beneficial paths of research.

Facts: Financial Assets

  • Government agencies holding financial assets will not contact you.

  • There is no "national database" of unclaimed funds, despite many websites that offer paid access.

  • Unclaimed money held by federal agencies and other assets is not included in state unclaimed property databases.

  • There are statutory time limits on most types of financial assets, so prompt action must be taken.

So Many Questions....

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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